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Nov 2011 | Filmic Approaches to Catastrophe: Narrative and Trauma in Levon Minasian’s Le Piano and Eric Nazarian’s Bolis, by M (456 KB)
This year’s Arpa International Film Festival featured two short films with a storyline informed by an historic catastrophe: Levon Minasian’s Le Piano depicts the musical aspirations and struggles of a child virtuoso, Loussiné, who was orphaned after the earthquake in Leninakan, Armenia in 1988; Eric Nazarian’s Bolis follows the journey of an Armenian oud player, Armenak, who visits Istanbul to perform in an oud festival and find the site of his grandfather’s pre-Genocide oud shop.

Oct 2010 | Notes on Three Films Screened at the 2010 Arpa Film Festival, by Myrna Douzjian (159 KB)
The Arpa Film Festival is arguably one of the most exciting international cultural events in Los Angeles. The thirteenth annual festival took place during the week of September 21 to 26, 2010. For me, it was the Armenian arts event of the year, featuring as it did the work of many Armenian directors as well as films with Armenian-related themes.

Apr 2007 | Dark Forest of History: The Making of a Documentary, by Hovig Tchalian (105 KB)
A special edition DVD of the film, Dark Forest in the Mountains: Surviving the Theater of Perpetual War, has recently been released by Fugitive Studios.

Jan 2007 | Mosaic - A Celebration of Sound, by Tamar Salibian (19 KB)
It was with great anticipation that over 1,000 audience members braved the chilly weather on January 14 to experience Mosaic: a Celebration of Sound at the Alex Theater in Glendale, California.

Oct 2006 | Elements of a Universal Alphabet, by Sam Ekizian (25 KB)
The musical forms known as folk-fusion and folk revival have often served as the vehicles of creative expression for performers seeking to adapt, translate, and modernize traditional musical styles.

Apr 2006 | The Genocide in Who?, by Tamar Salibian (20 KB)
In "The Genocide in Me" (2005), Araz Artinian tells her story of being a Canadian-Armenian dealing with her father's national obsession and struggling with her own identity, while also recounting the atrocities of the Armenian Genocide and its repercussions.

Apr 2006 | Belated History: Revisiting Atom Egoyan’s “Ararat," by Hovig Tchalian (67 KB)
It may seem unusual to review a film released almost four years ago. But as we enter the first year of the tenth decade of commemorating the Armenian Genocide, Atom Egoyan’s “Ararat” (2002) presents an ideal opportunity to do so in the context of the film’s central theme, the uncanny act of remembering—again.

Mar 2006 | Humor, Home and Memory at the Armenian Film Festival, by Tamar Salibian (22 KB)
This year’s Armenian Film Festival, held February 17 through 19 at the Delancey Street Theater in San Francisco, presented 24 animation, documentary, experimental and fiction films that told stories with overlapping ideas and themes.

Dec 2005 | Separate but Equal, by Sam Ekizian (37 KB)
Six months after the hostilities opened with the long awaited release of Mezmerize, Armenian rockers System of a Down have launched a second and equally powerful salvo with Hypnotize. Produced by Rick Rubin and the album’s chief songwriter, singerguitarist Daron Malakian, Hypnotize is not a sequel.

Oct 2005 | Catching a Ride on the Revival Express, by Sam Ekizian (21 KB)
There’s a new wave approaching, reflecting a reversion to eighties alternative rock sensibilities. This revival has created a resurgence of bands that have broken away from the grunge aesthetic, realigning instead with radio-friendly predecessors.

Sep 2005 | Lyrics Need Not Apply, by Sam Ekizian (21 KB)
With his unique repertoire of folk-inflected rock, Gor Mkhitarian has established himself as a creative force both within Armenia and in the diaspora. He has released three critically acclaimed Armenian-language albums: “Yeraz” in 2001; “Godfather Tom” in 2003; and “Episode” in 2004.

Aug 2005 | Let the Hostilities Begin, by Sam Ekizian (21 KB)
Balancing commercial success with substance and vitality is a difficult feat. The band System of a Down seems to have achieved this equilibrium.

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